Alas, I’m no longer a studio artist at Art Works Downtown.
Check my calendar page to see when and where my work is on exhibit elsewhere.

Suzanne Bean
Studio 9
Art Works Downtown
1337 Fourth St. (south side of Fourth between C and D Sts.)
San Rafael, California 94901

If you enter by AWD‘s main gallery at 1337 Fourth St., a fun short-cut to my studio is through Green Chile Kitchen‘s side door.

Easiest, street-level access is through the Marin Jewelers Guild at 1331 Fourth St. If you make it past the gorgeous jewelry, walk straight on through their back door to my hallway, then twenty paces to my studio.

Also easy to find me via the 1325 Donors’ Gallery entrance at 1325 Fourth St., next to Framing Interiors entrance. Walk straight back, through the big gray door, and make two right turns to arrive at my hallway.

Wherever you find yourself at AWD, we now have a useful navigation system — directional stickers on the floor — so you won’t get too lost in the labyrinth!

Call or text me: 1.415.223.3946

Hours by appointment, Tuesdays–Saturdays

Please contact me if you’d like to visit my studio at a specific time. Alas, I don’t keep regular hours.

Art Works Downtown is open to the public Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My studio doors are glass, so at least you can see my work if I’m not there. If you spy something you’d like to see up close, ask at AWD’s front desk (in the main gallery) and they will be happy to let you in.

Golden Gate Transit bus stops are at the corner of Fourth and C, municipal parking lots and garages are as close as one block away, and you might get lucky with curbside metered spaces right in front of AWD. New meters accept coins and debit/credit cards and now also work with smart phone apps.

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