The artist in her studio

The artist in her studio

Art does not reflect what is seen; rather, it makes the hidden visible.

—Paul Klee

about the art

Whether working in watercolor, acrylic, mixed-media, or digital photography, my vision has always been to find and create a good, balanced, abstract design. If elements look slightly familiar and capture the viewer’s attention and imagination, more the better.

My digital abstracts begin as digital photographs of motifs, structures, patterns, and highlights and shadows that appeal to me in their shapes, composition, and dynamic movement. Using image manipulation software, I combine two or more similar shots, reducing, removing, and/or repeating elements and flattening areas to create a new design. Mmm, Photoshop . . . 

The frosting on the cake is adjusting the hues and saturation. I love big, bright, saturated colors almost more than anything. I keep working on a picture until it tells me to stop.

I enjoy art that draws me in with color and composition and keeps me interested with curious details, movement, an intriguing bit of something that looks familiar . . . or does it?

about the artist

Born in Chicago • Learned to paint and love water­colors from artist father • Studied art at the University of Iowa • Marin resident since 1975 • Exhibiting artist in the Bay Area since 1984 • Retired in 2008 from graphic design career with the California courts • Studio artist at Art Works Downtown 2010–2016Zuni fetish collector • Republic Westerns fan • TypophileKenKen addict • Grapheme-color synæsthete • What makes me tick: bossa nova, jazz, the Great American Songbook, black and white photography, the abstract expressionists, Science Friday, New Mexico, apis mellifera

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